The Coolest Pieces of Gear We Tested This Week

We get to test a slew of different gear for our job—and for our everyday life. Here, with no particular theme, are the pieces of gear we love this week. We think you will, too.

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J.W. Hulme Co. Canvas Carry-All

My privilege will show when I say this, but the thing I get most excited about in the summertime is getting to go to a variety of local farmers markets and buying fresh produce, then taking it all home and making jams, ratatouilles, Caprese salads and all sorts of other delicious things. And what’s going to make that easier this year is this sturdy, generously sized canvas tote from J.W. Hulme’s new Heritage collection. I’m sure I’ll use it for other things, like last-minute trips that I need to pack extra supplies for, or picnics that I’ll have to bring wine to. But as soon as it showed up on the American heritage brand’s website, I immediately thought, “That’s how I’m carrying tomatoes and dianthus home all summer.”


J.W. Hulme

Diamondback Release 3

This full-suspension trail bike gobbles up gravel and makes child’s play of bumpy terrain. Its 150mm front suspension (130mm in the rear) handles downhill bombs exceptionally well and keeps you grounded, so to speak, on uneven terrain. The narrower tires help you quickly traverse rocks, branches, and all matter of debris. And while the aluminum frame is heavier than carbon, the Release 3 is durable, efficient on quad-busting ascents, and aggressive on technical terrain. —Brittany Smith, Senior Digital Editor


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Porter Road Online Butcher

Porter Road, an online butcher shop, mails you premium beef, pork, lamb, and poultry that’s vegetarian fed, pasture-raised, and free of antibiotics and hormones. Based in Nashville, the shop works with small farms to source the meat, then delivers your order within a couple of days. The two owners do the butchering, then dry-age meats for two weeks. The website is intuitive to use, but my favorite part is the filters you can apply while shopping. Tell the site you have less than an hour to cook and it spits back at you the cuts that will work for you. Going to be using an immersion circulator for sous vide? Same idea—it’ll suggest hanger steak and not burgers. A four-pound combo pack that feeds six to 10 people, which includes two pounds of dry-aged ground beef, six snappy handmade hot dogs, and three bratwursts, goes for $35 (plus shipping). —Sal Vaglica, Senior Editor


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Apple AirPods

Apple’s AirPods seem to be in everyone’s ears lately—including mine. I’ve started to use them on my daily commutes, at my desk, and during sweaty cardio workouts and long runs. They sound great for the size, and they rest comfortably inside my ears even when I’m doing box jumps in the park while the sun’s melting all the sunscreen off my face. But what I’ve come to appreciate the most about them is that I can take one of them out of my ear, and my music will stop; tapping one Pod lets me control my playlist without touching my phone. And I love the rechargeable case. When I’m back at my desk, I plug it into my keyboard. Easy. They’re not cheap, but these wireless buds are a must-have if you’re a music-loving commuter. —John Lonsdale, Senior Editor


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