The Coolest Pieces of Gear We Tested This Week

Here at Men’s Journal, we test a slew of different products for our job—and everyday life.


Here, with no particular theme, is the gear we love this week. We think you will, too.

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Sweetbriar Classic Duffle Bag

Finding a good bag to travel with can be an adventure in itself. You want something you can carry easily, fits everything you need, and, of course, fits in the overhead bin so you don’t need to check the bag at the airport. The Sweetbriar Classic Duffle Bag checks all of those boxes. It’s an affordable option for any weekend trip. The shoe compartment makes it easy to keep your footwear away from your clothes and other items. I recently used this bag on a weekend getaway to Whistler Mountain in Canada, and was easily able to fit sneakers, a pair of hiking shoes, and an extra small bookbag along with all my clothes. — Matt Jussim, Senior Editor 


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Shinola Journal

I’ve been reading A Time of Gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor, which is a travel memoir of the two years he spent crossing across Europe by foot in what would end up being the eve of World War II. He published it decades later, based on journals he’d kept at the time. Which got me thinking that maybe I should start taking some notes on my life, banal though it may be. So I went to one of my favorite paper (and timepiece) purveyors, Shinola, for a Hard Linen Journal. It sits flat, takes a beating in my bag while still protecting the pages inside, and the paper takes ink pretty well. And I got mine monogrammed for free in-store. — Marjorie Korn, Senior Editor


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Le Labo Beard Oil

Any guy who’s growing out his facial hair should have some beard oil stashed in his medicine cabinet. This beard oil—from a brand I’m certain found the best-smelling scents known to mankind and dropped them into a bottle—keeps my beard hairs from sticking out in weird spots. I only use a small amount and still have plenty left in the bottle after months of use. It isn’t cheap, but it smells so good you can even use it as your cologne for the day or night. — John Lonsdale, Deputy Editor


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2017 Ziata Sauvignon Blanc

In the midst of an insufferable, nation-wide heat wave, a chilled bottle of white wine absolutely counts as essential gear. After trudging home in the heat and humidity, pouring a glass of Ziata’s sauv blanc and drinking it with my head against the air conditioner is what I most look forward to at the end of the day. On the nose, you get orange blossom and lemon curd, followed by nectarine and tropical fruit on the tongue. It’s pleasantly bright, fresh, and tropical. Ironically enough, Napa Valley’s unusually warm summer made the grapes from this 2017 vintage especially ripe and succulent, so good things do come from heat waves. Remember that the next time you’re sweating through your shirt. — Brittany Smith, Senior Editor


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