An American Throwback Motorcycle and More New Gear You Need for November 2018

We’ve put together a list of the best new gear available in November 2018.

If you’re a motorcycle buff, you’ll go nuts over the Indian Scout—an American throwback sport cruiser that’s cool, sleek, and modern.



Looking for a new kitchen gadget to sit on your counter? Breville has a pizza oven that can heat up to a scorching 750 degrees—perfectly crisping pizza in minutes.

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And if you’re searching for something to tote your home-brewed IPAs, look no further than Stanley’s new growler. It has a special ceramic finish that keeps smells and tastes from lingering.

Check out all our favorite gadgets and pieces of gear this month. You won’t regret investing in any of these pieces.

The Perfect Pie

Forget delivery: The Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo is a countertop cooker that gets up to 750°F, turning a 12-inch disk of dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings into a crispy, bubbly, charred dinner in two minutes flat—about what it takes to nuke leftovers. Elements above and below the deck focus heat—the big three: conductive, radiant, and convection—efficiently so you don’t even have to spin the pie.


Courtesy of Breville

The Bolder Bag

Not the luggage-tag type? Then the easy-to-spot orange nylon Baboon Go-Bag might be for you. Wear it like a backpack or carry it like a duffel in one of two sizes, including this 60-liter model, for a weeklong Airbnb stay.


Courtesy of Baboon

A Beer’s Buddy

The Stanley Go Growler keeps 64 ounces of beer frosty for 24 hours, with bombproof stainless steel coated with a ceramic finish that won’t absorb hoppy IPA smells. That’s durability a glass jug from the microbrewery can’t match.


Courtesy of Stanley

An American Throwback

No offense to German touring or Italian sports bikes, but it’s tough to beat the Indian Scout for cool. The muscular, iconic American cruiser gets a new color, Deep Water Metallic, that, along with a tan leather seat and chrome pipes, sets it apart from the sea of black bikes.

[From $11,500;]

Courtesy of Indian Motorcycles

The Grown-Up Smartwatch

Sure, the Samsung Galaxy Watch has all the latest tech: about 80 hours of run time, 39-activity tracking, and an LTE built-in to make calls. But we like the realistic watch face—ticking minutes and always-on display—that feels more refined than a silicone step counter.

[From $350;]

Courtesy of Samsung

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